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Zuster is the smart way to save, read & share interesting articles from the web.

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How it works

Save on the go
Save any article, opinion or other website when you are busy or just not in the mood to read the text.
Read when you have time
Your saved articles and the ones your friends recommended to you are all stored in one place. Read them on any device, at any time.
Share with friends
Send an article to a friend in case you think it's interesting for him or her. Comment or like articles friends have shared with you.


Truly Social

Zuster is the first truly social reading list. See what your friends think about the articles you had shared with them. Sharing is caring!

Save for later

Zuster is social but it's also the best read-later app. Save any article for later, from any website.

Browser Extension

Save any article conveniently without leaving the webpage with the Zuster Browser Extension. Download Chrome Extension.

Quick read

Articles can be long. Use our Quick Read Feature to get the most important sentences from an article. Quick read provides you the main take aways of an text, while minimizing reading time to 15%.

Machine Learning Based

We use machine learning to provide you the most important sentences while not changing or rewriting the original message of the journalists and newspapers.

"Amazing! I constantly forgot to read the links my friends had sent me on Whatsapp!" (Lea, 28)

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